We’ll drive you through UNESCO Ait ben Hadddou and its ancient fortified village with fantastic sceneries stoping at Ouarzazate, heading east to Dadès Valley and Gorges du Todra for incredible canyon sceneries. Cruising to the desert in Erfoud, Rissani for a quick glance at the local Market, reaching the Red Dunes of Erg Chebbi, finally making the southern desert tracks to Zagora, Tamegroute and its underground village and Tinfou Dunes.

Ouarzazate and Ait ben Haddou - 1 night
Gorges du Dadès - 1 night
Gorges du Todra - 1 night
Erfoud, Rissani, Merzouga and Erg Chebbi Dunes - 2 nights
Zagora, Tamegroute and Tinfou Dunes - 2 nights


Ouarzazate et Aït Ben-Haddou
Ouarzazate is the most developed city South of the Atlas and gets its status for the presence of the film industry and cinema studios (that you can actually visit), and for the local base of several travel agencies in Morocco. Ouarzazate offers just a few interesting places to visit but the UNESCO restored Taourirt Kasbah is very nice to visit. This is the biggest Glaoui Kasbah in the region. You will also visit the Old Mellah or the Jewish quarter.

Ait Ben-Haddou is a fabulous UNESCO site located on top of a hill and consists on an amazing Kasbah village with mud construction occupying a whole hillside on the bottom of the river and offers great landscapes and one of the best views in Morocco.

Dades Valley and Canyons
Dades Valley and Canyons are indeed a great experience in South Morocco. The Dades Valley spreads from the High Atlas to the Jbel Saghrou range in the South. This is the region of the biggest Oasis in the South and also the route of the “ Thousand Kasbahs ”.
A bit more further you can enjoy the beautiful canyons of Dades and Todra. You can make the amazing mountains passage of Dades to Middle Atlas all the way to Imilchil. Another interesting passage is the Valley of the Roses and its fantastic well known production of Rose products. In Et Kellat Mgouna you can enjoy the Rose Festival with May harvest celebration.


Tinerhir and the Gorges du Todra
Tinerhir is a mining bustling town that serves tourism for the Gorges du Todra and the nearby “palmeraies”. These valleys near by are supposed to be on the top rank in the world for the most quantity of palm trees per square metre. Palm trees along huge mountains and Kasbahs all the way to the breth taking Gorges du Todra. Gorges to Todra are a fabulous Canyons and rock fault diving the High Atlas from the Jbel Saghrou where its highest point gets up to 300m in which you can pass right on the bottom. This pink rose and strong ochre coloured rock formation offers unforgettable views.

Erfoud and Rissani
Erfoud and Rissani are the 2 well known “doors of Sahara”. Erfoud is a active small town and is the first entrance to the desert tracks to head to the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Erfoud offers several sceneries from the Jbel Erfoud to the Tafilalet region and also several Fossil carriers a few kilometres distance.
Rissani is right on the heart of the Tafilalet region and was back many centuries ago the most important market for commercial trade sub-Saharan Africa and the North. Still today the active and very traditions Souq are worth visiting. Around Rissani there’s a few dozen ancient Kasbahs worth visiting.

Merzouga and Erg Chebbi
Merzouga is a small Saharan Berber village located right on the bottom of the dunes of Erg Chebbi and has been in the last few years one of the highlights of Saharan destinations around North Africa. Erg Chebbi Dunes are located a few kilometers away from the border with Algeria and have a special unique energy.
A trip to Morocco without visiting Erg Chebbi is somehow incomplete. The biggest dune of Erg Chebbi goes as high as 250m and its strong red colored sand provides one of the most fantastic sceneries in Africa. Our visit to these dunes include several villages around the dunes, Hamada do Guir, Lost Oasis, Desert lakes with pink flamingos, Fossil Rock Carriers and Oasis Camel trips into the dunes.

Zagora and Tamegroute

Zagora est une ville du désert qui se trouve à une centaine de kilomètres au sud de Ouarzazate. Zagora est une escale pour ceux qui descendent vers le sud et qui veulent visiter les dunes de Tinfou. Les dunes de Tinfou sont d'une couleur dorée et d'elles vous pourrez profiter d'une magnifique vue.

Tamegroute fut un important centre religieux et d'éducation du sud de la Vallée du Draa et du Sahara. Cette ville consiste en un groupement de ksars, de villages fortifiés et de maisons. C'est un village qui possède un village souterrain des plus intéressants. Tamegroute possède une importante bibliothèque coranique ainsi qu'une Zawiya (confrérie religieuse).






The order of the visit changes and depends on your arrival point. If you arrive in Marrakesh, the circuit will start differently than if you  arrive in Casablanca or in the northern border with Ceuta.


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